24HR Records

Today a really cool documentary I was a part of with Aaron Krause, Matt Odmark, and Corey Oxendine was released. The concept was simply to put the four of us in a studio for 24 hours straight, write and record 3 songs, and make a movie about it. You can watch it here.

I had my reservations about being a part of this simply because I did not think I could stay awake for 24 hours. But I must say, this was a blast to be a part of and the crew I got to collaborate with was stellar. 

The OP-1 was all over this; it's a great tool for sparking ideas. The third song, Seeing Stars took shape from a simple piano phrase I came up with. 

Somehow it came up that it would be really cool to reverse this phrase so we could incorporate the lovely texture of a reverse piano. Simple enough to do right? I recorded it into the OP-1 tape and reversed it. Here's what it sounded like (once forwards, twice backwards). 

It sounds really nice. The only problem is that playing this audio clip backwards actually changes the rhythm of the melody and it muddied up the original melody. We wanted it to sound like the original melody only with a reverse piano sound. This is not as simple...

I believe it was around 5 AM by this point, and I do not do so well when I am sleep deprived. This problem was boggling my mind for a hot minute... I should have wrote it out on paper. What I actually needed was a retrograde of the original phrase. 

Seeing Stars Phrase Retrograde

This retrograde reversed audio clip ended up just being used at the very end of the track, so perhaps the headache wasn't necessary, but I'm glad we figured it out anyway. I never thought concepts of serialism would actually make their way into my career...