Being a freelance musician is a wild ride. I love what I do; it's drastically different every day. About a month ago I was in between wrapping up writing music for a short film and a fast paced time of traveling to Calgary, the midwest, San Francisco, South Carolina, and Florida (in that order... naturally). In the transition time I found it fitting to write some phase music. 

If you don't know what phase music is, imagine two record players playing the same song at the same time. Then imagine somebody pressing down (just a little bit) on the vinyl on one of the players through the entire song. The resistance would slow down that record player just a little bit; it wouldn't be noticeable at first. Then it would start sounding like an echo. Then before long it would be completely off and sound like a mess. 

Now imagine if the records were actually just really short loops on repeat. If you repeated the above scenario with these loops, they would divert in the same way, but after a little while they would actually return to playing in unison! This is the idea behind phase music, and the compositional approach I took to writing this EP. Every song features a short loop that is duplicated and the duplicate is slowed subtly to incur a complete phase. 

I had a lot of fun figuring out ways to perform phase music with the tools I have. I hope you have fun listening to them too. 

Here's an article with more info on phase music. Here's a link to download my Phases EP.