eArth Jones / Liminal

Two projects I took part in were released today. 

I have never participated in the making of rap record before. I love the genre; I listen to rap fairly often. The process of making this record was not what I expected. When there is so much rhythm already in the music, what do you do with the drums? I learned a lot about how to serve the rhythm that's already in the song rather than being the main source of the rhythm. I ended up playing OP-1 as much or more than drums. Electronic / programmed drums and acoustic drums serve very different roles. They can be mixed together with a lot of care! This was a great experience with wonderful souls in Cincinnati. 


I met Tom Crouch in the U.K. on a Gungor gig. He moved to L.A. and I got to help contribute to this gem together with him and Jon Joseph. I love how powerful the choruses turned out. The lesson of "less is more" on repeat, I continue to further realize that the biggest and most powerful parts are often the simplest. The art lies in making the painfully simple stuff have character, feel intentional, and be cohesive in context. Even with the simplest rhythm imaginable: 

4 quarter notes.png