150 OP-1 Videos

I just made my 150th Instagram OP-1 video. Here are some things I have learned from that journey: 

-Try new things, regardless of whether or not its apparently practical. If your brain bothered to have the thought/idea, maybe that means its worth trying. You really can’t know what’s practical / useful until you have moved beyond the ideation stage and spent time actually doing whatever the thing is. 

-We fool ourselves in to thinking that our future is like a preexisting road that we’re just driving down. I think it’s actually more like a reactionary silly putty; new opportunities and directions come when we work the putty, try something, work on an idea, learn something new. That doesn’t mean you can control what happens in the future, but you can enable new possibilities. 

-Staying informed / learning from other people’s work is important, but so is ignoring what others are doing. I am not a DJ or an EDM or hiphop producer, and I’m not trying to be. I just like electronic instruments and electronic sounds. Staying true to my artistic self allows me to sail in a unique direction. 

-Seemingly unrelated skills are great! These days, having unrelated skill sets is an exciting opportunity for more creativity. 

-Stay true for the long haul (not saying I’ve been doing this for “the long haul” yet! Still have a lot of life to go…). It’s far too tempting to cave and conform. Eventually the haters will go away and people that really catch your vision will join forces with you. Together you can start a movement which is way cooler than what ever you’d do by yourself. 


You can find all the videos on my instagram, most of the videos in addition to longer videos and tutorials on my youtube page.