Drum Tortillas are a convenient, aesthetically pleasing, giggable solution for the "towels on drums" sound. They are about as thick as a real tortilla, and they are made to sit perfectly within the rims of your drums. Throw them on for warm staccato tones in the studio or live.  Made by hand with love by Ginger (mostly), and Mason. 

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What are Drum Tortillas made out of? Two layers of quilting cotton. There is no extra padding in between. 

What do Drum Tortillas sound like? Watch this video: 


Aren't they going to get destroyed by me hitting them? Drum Tortillas have no exposed seams in the playing area. As long as you don't play them with splintery drum sticks, they should last for a very long time.

The design I want / sizes I need are out of stock. How can I get them? Send us an email! We'll do our best to get you what you need.

How do Drum Tortillas stay in place? We make drum tortillas to fit on top of your drum head, relying on a close fit within the raised edge of the drum hoops to stay in place. There are no adhesives or tie ons, making it quick and easy to throw drum tortillas on your kit and remove them. 

How do I take good care of Drum Tortillas? We recommend storing them flat to avoid creases and wrinkles. When they get too wrinkly, you can throw them in the wash (cold, gentle) and lay them flat to dry. You can also iron them (that's what we do). 

Are Drum Tortillas for me? Consider the following:

  • "I often play / record drums with towels over them." We literally made Drum Tortillas for you!
  • "I never play drums softly; I routinely break sticks, drum heads, and cymbals." Drum Tortillas work best when played relatively softly. 
  • "I gravitate towards playing drums with brushes and mallets whenever I get the chance." We think Drum Tortillas will serve your musical vocabulary quite well.
  • "I have to crank my drums so much that the hoop isn't raised much above the drum head." You may want to consider upgrading your lugs / hoops before investing in Drum Tortillas.
  • "I love chill vibe drums."  = I love Drum Tortillas!