Mason Self Portfolio

Compositions / Performances

This is the title track from my 2019 EP “Bow + Arrow.” All of the songs were recorded live with no tracks using Sensory Percussion, modular synth, and Ableton Live. The rest of the live recording videos from the EP can be found here.

I had the opportunity to perform at Moogfest in 2018 demonstrating how Sensory Percussion can be used to control external synthesizers.

“Silt” (2017) is a composition based on permutation. With material that’s captured relatively quickly, permutation allows the material to extrapolate to create a longer form through phasing and “over the bar line” sequence transposition. A tutorial with more details of how this piece works can be found here.


This is my piece “Wahl” performed for my senior recital at Belmont University in 2014.

“Pass” (2018) is original composition that exploits the expressive capabilities of Sensory Percussion for melodic and compositional elements.

“Bluff” (2017) is an original composition in which I perform all the elements featuring an aesthetic blend of acoustic and electronic instruments.


In Spring of 2019, I had the opportunity to premier a new piece of music for marimba, vibraphone, Sensory Percussion, and modular synth alongside members of Nashville’s Alias Chamber Music Ensemble. Link to radio performance.


Triller (2018) is an Arduino MIDI controller I created that sends pitch bend data. Download the Arduino program here.

MIDI Sample and Hold Devices (2019) are my suite of Max for Live devices which employ sample and hold functionality for reconstructing MIDI messages with separate pitch and rhythmic sources. Download the devices here. You can also read the manual here.